Wavlink & Victony Extender Setup

Wavlink setup , Modern age might be suffering from a lot of social ailments. However, the one thing that preserves the hope is the availability of revolutionary technology. We have numerous gadgets that have not just made our lives easier but automated a major part of our work.

However, with great technology comes great maintenance. While the virtual Wavlink EXTENDER SETUP is mandatory, you also need to consider physical setup for it as well. What do we mean by physical setup? – placing the extender also falls under its setup process to get the most out of it. 

This article will set its way off to guide you with the physical Victony Extender Setup to place it in an effective position. Doing so will ensure that you get the best-extended connectivity for your devices such as mobile phones, media players, etc.

In easy words, the secret to a maximum coverage is choosing the right location. 

Where to place the  Victony Extender Setup? 

The best location to place the Victony extender setup is in between the router and computer with the space distributed equally between each device biz router, extender, and computer. Also, make sure that you place the wavlink extender under the range of your wireless router. 

Placing the devices in equally divided spaces will ensure that all three devices remain in the network zone and get the best possible connectivity. 

To ensure that the connection is established well, keep an eye on the link rate symbol found on the gauge of the wavlink extender. There are several indications that are represented by lights of varying colors. Here are several indications shown:

  • Red light – This indicates that the connection is very bad and the physical VICTONY EXTENDER SETUP needs a revision. 
  • Amber light – This means that the connection is fair enough to put into use but can be improvised further with some changes in the position. 
  • Greenlight – This is what we are looking for since it is a clear indication of a perfect connection which also means that the victony extender setup is placed in the best position and is ready for use. 

There are several other LED lights available in the extender and various indications are represented with lights of different colors. Here’s a list of available LED’s and the indications for the same: 

  1. Wavlink Extender Setup Link LED 

This LED represents the status of the connection between the access point of the router and the Wavlink extender setup. Here’s what different colored lights represent in it:

Green – Best connectivity 

Amber – Good connectivity which can be further enhanced. 

Red – Poor connectivity that needs improvements. 

No light – No available connectivity

  1. Client link LED 

This LED indicates a connection between the victony extender setup and the device which is connected to it such as a computer or a Smartphone. The indications for this are the same as that of the router link LED.

  1. Power LED 

As the name suggests, it indicated the power status of the victony extender setup. The indications represented by it with respect to different colors are as follows: 

Amber – It indicates that the Wavlink extender setup is still in the booting stage and you need to wait for a while to let it turn on. 

Green – This indicated that the Wavlink extender setup has successfully turned on and is ready for use. 

No light – This indicated that the Victony Extender Setup is off and needs to be turned on. 

  1. WPS LED 

This shows the status of the wireless security mechanism that you have settled up for your Wavlink  extender setup. This indicates the following on the basis of these colors:

Green – This is a sign of a perfectly enabled Wi-Fi security which can be either WPA or WPA2. 

Blinking green – This indicates that a connection with the use of a WPS push button is ongoing. 

 No light – Once again, it indicated that there is no Wi-Fi security mechanism enabled for the Wavlink extender setup.  

 So these were different kinds of LED’s and the different indications that it shows with different colors. This information is necessary while you do VICTONY EXTENDER SETUP. Let us now get back to the positioning of the victony extender setup.

Line of sight in connection 

During the process of WAVLINK EXTENDER SETUP, the one thing that you need to take care of is to ensure that there is a clear line of sight in between your router and the Wavlink extender setup. Also, make sure that the line of sight is clear between the connected device and the wavlink extender setup too. 

What this means is that you need to ensure that there is no interference such as a wall or an electric appliance in between the path of these three devices. If there is any such interference then you need to shift the position of the respective device to ensure a straight and strong connection. 

Also, make sure that the source of connection that is the router is in the network zone of the victony extender setup and the wavlink extender setup is in the network zone of the wavlink extender setup. This will ensure that the existing are doubles its potential and the extended coverage gets sufficient connection speed too. 

Furthermore, based on the indications by the LED, shift the place of the wavlink extender setup closer to the connecting device that is the computer in context with the availability of a power source. 

Common reasons for internet outage of WAVLINK EXTENDER SETUP :-

The wavlink extender setup completely relies on your Wi-Fi router for accessing the internet. However, if you encounter any situation where you cannot access the internet, the reason is likely to be either of these: 

  • The settings of the Wi-Fi wavlink extender setup are changed or modified or if the access point of the victony extender setup is changed. 
  • The signal of the router is not in the range of the wavlink extender setup or if the access point is unable to reach the wavlink extender setup.
  • The wavlink extender setup is placed away from the range of the Wi-Fi victony extender setup. 

Bottom Line 

So that’s how you can conduct VICTONY EXTENDER SETUP physically and determine the best position for it. Doing this will assure you a seamless connection and you will be able to enjoy superior connection strength and speed with it. That’s all we have for today.