How to Setup Rockspace AC750 Extender?

Before Setup Rockspace AC750 extender, which is also known as Rockspace RSD0607 Extender is a wireless Wifi extender that helps in eliminating dead spots at your workplace. One can easily connect the extender with the current network. It has the best class display design. It consists of multiple features that make this extender unique.

Rockspace AC750 RSD0607 Extender
Rockspace AC750 RSD0607

This extender comes up with many characteristics which are as follows:

  • Permanent Signal Connection.
  • Complete Signal Coverage.
  • Compatible with every sort of router.

Apart from all these, you can locate a definite spot just with the help of the smart signal indicator. You can connect the extender through Graphical User Interface(GUI) or WPS connection. Rockspace wireless extender supports the dual-band technology that is 2Ghz to 5Ghz. And this extender also has a warranty which is a good thing for customers. Let’s start the Rockspace Repeater setup:

  1. The very first step to setup Rockspace AC750 Extender is to power it via an electrical AC outlet.
  2. Connect your extender to the nearest power AC outlet.
  3. Once done connect your wifi device to extender’s wifi network and make sure that mobile data of your device should not be turned on.
  4. After that open any web browser on your device and enter the URL http://re.rockspace.local in the address bar or type
  5. Create the login username and password or you can choose a default username then select the wifi network that needs to be extended.
  6. Enter the wifi password and wait until the extender starts appearing.
  7. Once the Setup RSD0607 RockspaceExtender done relocate the extender in between the router and dead spots.
  8. When it spots the coverage you will get to know about it via an LED indicator which will turn blue.

Rockspace AC750 Repeater setup via WPS

  • To Setup Rockspace AC750 Extender first, you need to plugin into any power socket which is nearer to the router.
  • When LED starts lighting blue then you can start with the setup process.
  • After the LED indicator starts lightning press the WPS button of the router.
  • Within two minutes of pressing the WPS button of the router press the WPS button of Extender as well and check if the LED signal turns blue or red.
  • Relocate the Rockspace extender in between the router and dead spot and check the coverage strength with an LED indicator.
  • Once you get the full coverage strength then you can freely use your network without any disturbance.

Rock Space AC750 RSD0607 extender as an Access Point

  • First, you need to plug into the electrical power outlet Setup AC750 Rockspace Extender.
  • Connect your router and extender via good quality ethernet cable.
  • Open the web page and visit or type the URL http://re.rockspace.local and from the menu select the option mode.
  • Last but not least set up an SSID and Password.

Features of Rock Space AC750 extender

Rockspace AC750 extender has multiple new features which make it unique and compatible as mentioned below:

  1. Steady signal connection with dual-band technology
  2. Compatible with almost every router.
  3. Consists of dual antennas which raises signal coverage.
  4. It can be easily set up through the WPS button or web user interface.
  5. Smart signal LED indicator that supports in finding accurate spots.

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