How to setup using Re.rockspace.local

Basically, the wireless signal of any router can be strengthen or repeated to provide full signal coverage in dead-zone areas and this is fulfilled by the Rockspace wireless range extender. The setup for this extender can only be done through offline mode at
re.rockspace.local or Http://re.rockspace.local

One has to follow some simple steps to setup the Rockspace extender:

  1. To connect to re.rockspace.local, one has to first plug in the wifi extender into
    the power outlet.
  2. When the power turns ON, then search for re.rockspace.local or by typing any of these addresses in the address bar.
  3. One can use any other browser if the Rockspace setup page on the particular
    browser is not being connected.
  4. Once the setup page for Rockspace extender gets connected, one may choose the range extender option or access point option to configure the Rockspace extender according to the requirement.
  5. Also page can be refreshed in some intervals of time and one has to follow the
    given online instructions to complete the extender Rockspace setup.
  6. On successful completion of the setup, the particular page will be closed by

Re.Rockspace.local wifi extender setup

For larger areas where wireless transmission is required, re.rockspace local wifi extender acts as a repeater to boost the signal and prevents it from deadzone area. Basically, re.rockspace local wifi extender works at 2.4G band thereby providing full signal coverage with transmission speed of 300 Mbps. Also, AC1200 wifi range extender is available that works at dual band and boost your home network by increasing the range and speed of wifi signal. To setup the connection with router, one has to just press the WPS button and within few seconds the connection to extend the signal will be established. Similarly, a reset button is provided on the device by which the wifi extender can be restored to default settings. The reset button has to be pressed until the indicator turns red.