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BOLORAMO San Francisco Mall Adapter Cord Data Max 85% OFF Cable and Professio Reliable Durable

BOLORAMO Adapter Cord, Data Cable Durable and Reliable Professio


BOLORAMO Adapter Cord, Data Cable Durable and Reliable Professio


Product description

Colour Name:1M

1. Serial attached SCSI / SAS is a high-speed data storage interface designed to achieve high throughput and fast data access.
2. And SFF-8088 interface is mainly used on MINI SAS 4X raid card, as an external MINI SAS cable, supports 12Gbps bandwidth
3. This extension cable supports 3Gbps x 4Lane four-channel data transmission with a transmission rate of 12Gbp.
4. Used with confidence, such kind of adapter cable keeps the guaranteed quality, getting great popularity.
5. Meanwhile, adapter cable's connection is simple, which not requires particularly complicated operations."br""br""br"Specification:"br"Item Type: Server cable"br"Model: G0201"br"Type: Mini sas 26P"br"Interface Type: Flat head interface-flat head interface"br"Converter Type: Adapter / Adapter cable"br"Length: Approx. 1meter / 3.3ft"br""br""br"Package List:"br"1 x Cable

BOLORAMO Adapter Cord, Data Cable Durable and Reliable Professio

How To: Perform Advanced Man-in-the-Middle Attacks with Xerosploit

A man-in-the-middle attack, or MitM attack, is when a hacker gets on a network and forces all nearby devices to connect to their machine directly. This lets them spy on traffic and even modify certain things. Bettercap is one tool that can be used for these types of MitM attacks, but Xerosploit can automate high-level functions that would normally take more configuration work in Bettercap.

How To: The Best-Selling VPN Is Now on Sale

The ability to browse the web in coffee shops, libraries, airports, and practically anywhere else you can imagine is more than convenient, but convenience has risks. Using public Wi-Fi allows others to spy on you easily. Even your own internet service provider can see every website you've ever visited. Don't fall into the trap of protecting your identity, data, and devices after it's too late.

How To: Unlock Facial Detection & Recognition on the Inexpensive ESP32-Based Wi-Fi Spy Camera

If you've recently built a Wi-Fi spy camera out of an ESP32-CAM, you can use it for a variety of things. A baby monitor at night, a security camera for catching package thieves, a hidden video streamer to catch someone going somewhere they shouldn't be — you could use it for pretty much anything. Best of all, this inexpensive camera module can perform facial detection and facial recognition!

How To: Learn C# & Start Designing Games & Apps

Learning different coding languages can be difficult. You spend so much time mastering one and getting used to thinking along the channels you need for it that learning something new can sometimes be more difficult than starting from scratch. Starting from scratch, notably, is also difficult.

How To: Create Your Own Wi-Fi Spy Camera with an ESP32-CAM

The ESP32-CAM is a convenient little camera module with a lot of built-in power, and you can turn one into an inconspicuous spy camera to hide in any room. There's only one issue: it does omit a USB port. That makes it a little harder to program, but with an ESP32-based board, FTDI programmer, and some jumper wires, you'll have a programmed ESP32 Wi-Fi spy camera in no time.

How To: Hack Networks & Devices Right from Your Wrist with the Wi-Fi Deauther Watch

The Deauther Watch by Travis Lin is the physical manifestation of the Wi-Fi Deauther project by Spacehuhn, and it's designed to let you operate the Deauther project right from your wrist without needing a computer. That's pretty cool if you want to do all the interesting things that the Wi-Fi Deauther can do without plugging it into a device.

How To: This Top-Rated Course Will Make You a Linux Master

Linux is a diverse and powerful operating system that virtually every IT professional must learn and know well. Whether you realize it or not, you have likely already used a Linux device, and learning to design things for it is a key step in any Data Science career path.

How To: Fingerprint Web Apps & Servers for Better Recon & More Successful Hacks

Web applications are ubiquitous in the modern online world, and knowing how to attack them is an increasingly valuable skill. But the key to a successful attack is good recon since it's easier to be focused and efficient with the more information you have. There are many fingerprinting tools available, such as httprint and WebTech, but there are even more that can aid us in reconnaissance.

How To: Write Your Own Subdomain Enumeration Script for Better Recon

There are tons of tools out there that do all kinds of recon, but it can be hard to narrow down what to use. A great way to be more efficient is by taking advantage of scripting. This doesn't have to mean writing everything from scratch — it can simply mean integrating existing tools into a single, comprehensive script. Luckily, it's easy to create your own subdomain enumeration script for better recon.

How To: Use Kali Linux as a Portable Live USB for Pen-Testing & Hacking on Any Computer

Kali Linux is the go-to Linux distribution for penetration testing and ethical hacking. Still, it's not recommended for day-to-day use, such as responding to emails, playing games, or checking Facebook. That's why it's better to run your Kali Linux system from a bootable USB drive.

How To: Master Python, Django, Git & GitHub with This Bundle

If you're looking to get started with your training in web development, a natural starting point is learning to code with Python and then saving and sharing your work on Git and GitHub. These are standard tools of the industry, and mastering them will put you one big step closer to succeeding in the professional sphere.

How To: Master Python, Linux & More with This Training Bundle

Becoming a competitive candidate in IT and Data Science takes more than knowing a few coding languages and being good with computers. To really stand out from the crowd, your knowledge should be extensive and your experience should be diverse. The 2021 Complete Computer Science Training Bundle provides that depth of knowledge and a starting point for gathering that experience. Right now, it's on sale for just $39.99.

How To: Make Spoofed Calls Using Any Phone Number You Want Right from Your Smartphone

Spoofed phone calls originate from one source that's disguising its phone number as a different one, and you probably get these calls all the time. Maybe they're numbers from your local area code or numbers for prominent businesses, and the callers are just hijacking those numbers to fool you into picking up. Turns out, making a spoofed call is something anybody can do.

How To: Master Excel with This Certification Bundle

Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful tools you can bring into your professional life. However, as useful as Excel is, it can also be difficult to learn on your own. The All-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is an incredible tool that will take you from Excel beginner to Master for $33.99, on sale for 98% off.

How To: This Python Bundle Can Teach You Everything You Need to Know

Python is one of the most commonly used programming languages in the world. From data science to game design, Python appears in almost every industry that requires coding of some kind. If you're looking to get into or get promoted to a higher level in one of those industries, then your next step is to learn this versatile programming language.

How To: Use a Directional Antenna with ESP8266-Based Microcontroller

Microcontrollers like ESP8266-based boards have built-in Wi-Fi, and that's really cool, but what's even cooler is that certain pro models of the D1 Mini also have a port where you can connect a directional antenna. This can give you exceptional range, but if you were to just plug one in after opening the package, it most likely wouldn't work.

How To: Master the Internet of Things with This Certification Bundle

These days, everything is connected. No, really — we mean everything. Your phone, your smart speaker, and even appliances like stoves and refrigerators can be connected and communicate with one another. Welcome to the Internet of Things, the start of our interconnected future. It's projected by 2027 that there will be more than 41 million internet-connected devices in use around the world.

How To: Rank Up in Google Searches with This SEO Couse Bundle

You know just how great your products and services are. Now it's time to let the rest of the world know. Of course, that's easier said than done. You're probably competing with bigger, more established brands that can afford to spend their way to the top. You can make it a fair fight with a little SEO optimization.

How To: This Master Course Bundle on Coding Is Just $34.99

Whether you're already coding from home or are seeking help as a beginner, now is a great time to find a lucrative job in programming. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than 200,000 jobs were created in computer programming in 2019, with a median pay of more than $85,000, and the number is only set to grow over time. If you want to learn to code, The Master Learn to Code 2021 Certification Bundle is your ticket.

How To: Automate Remote SSH Control of Computers with Expect Scripts

If you're getting into automation, Bash scripting is usually the way to go. However, there are a couple of limitations, and one of them is logging into another device like a Raspberry Pi and running a script automatically. To help in those situations, we're going to automate delivering an SSH payload with an "expect" script.

How To: Start Learning How to Code in Just a Week

If you've been thinking about changing careers and you have just a little bit of time, The Ultimate 2021 Web Developer & Designer Super Bundle may be just what you need. This is also the perfect time to get it because it's on sale for $34.99, which is 98% off the regular price of $1,886. You'll get 14 courses that offer 39 hours of content on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and more.

How To: Create a USB Mouse Jiggler to Keep a Target Computer from Falling Asleep (& Prank Friends Too)

While obvious, it's a lot more difficult to hack into a locked computer than an unlocked computer. As a white-hat hacker, pentester, cybersecurity specialist, or someone working in digital forensics, there's an easy solution — make it so that the computer won't fall asleep and lock automatically in the first place.

How To: Boost Your Security with a VPN & Private Email Service

Your sensitive personal data should be strongly protected, and it's never more vulnerable than when you are online. The internet connection is a prime avenue of exposure, and email is one of the least secure forms of communication. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to both of those problems.

How To: Use RedRabbit for Pen-Testing & Post-Exploitation of Windows Machines

RedRabbit is an ethical hacking toolkit built for pen-testing and reconnaissance. It can be used to identify attack vectors, brute-force protected files, extract saved network passwords, and obfuscate code. RedRabbit, which is made specifically for red teams, is the evil twin of its brother, BlueRabbit, and is the offensive half of the "Rabbit Suite."

How To: This Top-Rated Audio & Video Production Bundle Is on Sale for $40

Long gone are the days when you needed a fancy recording contract to write and distribute a smash hit. Thanks to a growing number of increasingly powerful and affordable music production platforms, it's now entirely possible to create pro-level audio tracks and even accompanying videos in the comfort of your own home with little more than a laptop and a pair of headphones.

How To: This HD Infographic Design Software Is on Sale for $45

Anyone who's worked in web development or graphic design long enough knows that one of the most difficult job elements is finding high-quality stock images that aren't tangled in red tape. Whether you're trying to build a website, ad campaign, or email newsletter, you need to have reliable graphics that are easy to find and use across multiple platforms.

How To: Perform Keystroke Injection Attacks Over Wi-Fi with Your Smartphone

With just two microcontrollers soldered together, you can inject keystrokes into a computer from a smartphone. After building and programming the device, you plug it into a desktop or laptop, access it over a smartphone, and inject keystrokes as you would with a USB Rubber Ducky.

How To: Stay Fully in Sync with Your Remote Team Using TimeSync Pro

If you've been working from home a bit more often than usual lately, you're far from alone. Despite some optimistic predictions that things would have returned to normal right now, social distancing guidelines have forced most offices to shut their doors, and it's looking like this is going to be the new normal for the foreseeable future.

How To: Get an Internet Connection in the Middle of Nowhere to Hack Remotely

If you're living or staying out in the middle of nowhere or a rural area outside of a big city or town — where there are no reliable cable, fiber, or wireless networks available — how can you get an internet connection? There are several possibilities, but they all come with tradeoffs, which we'll go over in detail.

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